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Permanent Jewelry Appointment at Everlove's Studio

HEY, BABE! WE’VE MOVED TO CHARLESTON, SC! My temporary studio is now open!

Book a Permanent Jewelry Appointment at the Everlove Jewelry Studio

Reserve your appointment to give yourself the gift of the most effortless accessory. Make sure to book a spot for everyone coming!

See the "Studio Appointment Details" below for more info. 

At Your Appointment
Browse our large selection of 14k Gold Fill or Sterling silver chains to find the perfect look or stack and further personalize it with our many charms! View a sample selection of our chains, charms and prices a little farther down this page.

I'll also have a selection of handmade Everlove Jewelry to shop during your appointment!

Get Linked!
We'll work with you to find the perfect fit. Then, with a quick and painless SPARK, your jewelry will be welded together so you'll never have to worry about a clasp again!

Because our time (and yours) is valuable, a $20 deposit is required to reserve your time. The deposit will go towards your purchase of permanent jewelry at your appointment!

Afraid of Commitment?
A selection of clasps are available if you decide you're not into the "permanent" part, but you love the jewelry!

Need to Remove Your Jewelry?
Simply cut your chain off at the weld when you no longer wish to wear it. Don't worry, you can always get it re-welded once for FREE!

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All that glitters
14K Gold Filled Chains

Choose from a curated selection of high-quality, durable, tarnish resistant, 14K gold filled chains. From dainty to glam, we've got you covered no matter your style!

Gold filled jewelry is composed of a thick layer of solid 14K Gold that is bonded to a base metal. The gold layer is 100x's thicker than gold plated jewelry, so it won't wear off or tarnish like thinner gold-plated jewelry would. In fact, as a result of this thick coating, every necklace is guaranteed to have at least 5% genuine 14K gold.

Rings: $30
Bracelets: $65
Anklets: $75
Necklaces: $90+ (depending on length)

a little sparkle
Sterling Silver Chains

If silver is more your style, we've got you! Our 925 sterling silver chains are the perfect choice if you're looking for something both timeless and durable.

Rings: $25
Bracelets: $55
Anklets: $65
Necklaces: $80+ (depending on length)


Our Charms

Personalize your chain with our curated collection of 14k gold fill and sterling silver charms.

Prices starting at: $15